GLAMP DOME Kyoto Amanohashidate

Seasonal Plan


In the northern part of Kansai, the original landscape of traditional Japan, As an annex of Kyoto・Tango area inside the Siena Hills, GLAMP DOME Kyoto Amanohashidate Grand Dome Kyoto Amanohashidate Grand Open on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Glamorous Camping All Year Round

Gramping is a work that multipied ‘Glamourous’ and ‘Camping’, which has the meaning of elegance and luxury.
The history of Gramping is surprisingly old and dates back to the 19th century in Europe. The theme of Grand Ping since ancient times is ‘ To bring the comfortable space of the city into nature and harmonize it’.
The four seasons are distinct in Japan, you will feel hot in summer and cold in winter.Due to the efforts and wisdom of the predecessor, the Dramping meeting our next desire to have a comfortable life all year around.You can enjoy the comfortable place while fell the change of nature from seasons with five senses.
This is a Gramping which we are aiming at.

Dome Type tents of glamp dome


"You will enjoy comfortable in any season.Dome type tent of glamp dome."

The dome tent used in the Grand dome is a tent that can feel a considerable opening felling in a large space with a size of 7m(width) × 4.3 m (height)

Moreover, compared to the normal tents, it is more strong and tough, and it has excellent resistance to bad weather such a s strong wind and heavy rain.

Recommended for large groups / groups

TRIPLE BASE CAMP with a maximum capacity of 8 people. I would like to enjoy BBQ surrounding by the elegant atmosphere. It is a plan recommended for such group.


The pleasure of gramping!

Enjoy the camp fire

Campfire meaning 'fire of freiendship'.A large fire can produce an unusual atmosphere, and you can spend relaxing time surrouding the campfir.


The standard for Glamping item-- BBQ

We have prepared a set of inredients and cooking utensils.We prepare the fresh ingredients from Tango peninsula of Kyoto for BBQ
Please enjoy yourself content withh a view of the ocean sorrouded by nature.

The smell of nature just by your side

You can feel the nature from the backwards of us, such like the murmur of Seyagawa.
Moreover, you can also look at Miyazu Bay from the Grand Dome.
You can enjoy the chip of small birds that can not be felt in the city, the bark of bugs,the sounds of tree’s rubbing , and so on.
Enjoy gramping while feeling the see,river,forest and nature.


Grand Dome Kyoto Amanohashidate Reccomended facilities


Natural private onsen 'KAI'

The private onsen is also one of the recommended point of Grand Dome Kyoto Amanohashidate
There is a rare natural onsen of Kansai –Akayu in the private onsen、which is excellent in the salinity concentration same as the sea and the moistuzing effect.
The bathtub is 3m×1.5mm for 4~5 people. Also, we have secured a sufficient number of restrooms, and space for relaxing with children who need to change diapers.

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